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Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods - Assinatura online de 1 ano para 1 usuário

Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods - Assinatura online de 1 ano para 1 usuário

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Assinatura online de 1 ano para 1 usuário


The Fifth edition of the Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods has now been fully updated. All chapters have been revised and new chapters have been added. This Compendium is the primary authority for food safety testing and presents a comprehensive selection of proven testing methods with an emphasis on accuracy, relevance, and reliability. The Compendium is a must-have for all food laboratories, food manufacturers, public health laboratories, and anyone performing food safety testing.More than 200 experts have reviewed and updated the 68 chapters in this new edition. New chapters include the following: Pet Food and Animal Feed, Beer and Wine, Probiotics, Cronobacter Species, and other chapters. Content covers general laboratory procedures, including laboratory quality assurance, meats and meat products, environmental monitoring procedures, sampling plans, sample collection, shipment, and preparation for analysis; microorganisms involved in processing and spoilage of foods; foods and the microorganisms involved in their safety and quality; indicator microorganisms and pathogens, microorganisms, food safety, and foodborne illness; preparation of microbiological materials (media, reagents, and stains); and other material. Copublished with the Association of Public Health Labratories (APHA).


I. General Methods

1. Laboratory Quality Magement Systems
Roger M. Brauninger, Michael H. Brodsky, L. Michele Smoot, and Peter S. Unger

2. Sampling Plans, Sample Collection, Shipment, and Preparation for Alysis
T. Matthew Taylor, John N. Sofos, Peter Bodruk, and Gary R. Acuff

3. Microbiological Monitoring of the Food Processing Environment
Lloyd Moberg and Jeffrey L. Korcki

4. Microscopic Methods
Byron Brehm-Stecher and Mary Lou Tortorello

5. Cultural Methods for the Enrichment and Isolation of Microorganisms
William H. Sperber, Mark A. Moorman, and Timothy A. Freier

6. Culture Methods for Enumeration of Microorganisms
Ruth L. Petran, Linda E. Grieme, and Sally Foong-Cunningham

7. Cell Injury and Methods of Alysis
Alissa M. Wesche and Elliot T. Ryser

8. Mesophilic Aerobic Plate Count
Elliot T. Ryser and James D. Schuman

9. Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms, and Escherichia coli as Quality and Safety Indicators
Jeffrey L. Korcki, Joshua B. Gurtler, and Bradley A. Stawick

10. Enterococci
Katie Laird

11. Rapid Methods for the Detection and Identification of Foodborne Pathogens
Hari P. Dwivedi, Rold D. Smiley, and David H. Pincus

12. Molecular Typing and Differentiation
Brian B. Oakley, rjol Gonzalez-Escalo, and Marirosa Moli

II. Physiological Groups of Microorganisms

13. Psychrotrophic Microorganisms
Purnendu C. Vasavada and Faith J. Critzer

14. Thermoduric Microorganisms and Heat‐Resistance Measurements
Tim C. Jackson

15. Lipolytic Microorganisms
Stephanie Doores

16. Proteolytic Microorganisms
L. Michele Smoot

17. Halophilic and Osmophilic Microorganisms
Jinkyung (Jeannie) Kim, Ele Eche, and Melinda Hayman

18. Pectinolytic Microorganisms and Pectises
Ele Tamburini and Giorgio Mastromei

19. Acid-Producing Microorganisms
Nenge Azefor Njongmeta, Paul A. Hall, Loralyn Ledenbach, and Russell S. Flowers

20. Probiotics
Jean L. Schoeni

21. Yeasts and Molds
Dojin Ryu and Charlene Wolf-Hall

22. Detection and Enumeration of Heat-Resistant Molds
Emilia Rico-Munoz, Jos Houbraken, and Robert A. Samson

23. Mesophilic Aerobic Endospore-Forming Bacilli
Kenneth E. Stevenson and Fritz Lembke

24. Mesophilic Aerobic Sporeformers
Suzanne Tortorelli and Jean E. Anderson

25. Aciduric Flat Sour Sporeformers
George M. Evancho, Mickey E. Parish, and Randy W. Worobo

26. Thermophilic Flat Sour Sporeformers
Karl E. Olson and Kent M. Sorrells

27. Thermophilic Aerobic Sporeformers
Ele Eche and Richard Podolak

28. Sulfide Spoilage Sporeformers
Amy B. Ronner and Philip H. Elliott

III. Microbial Genera

29. Aeromos, Plesiomos, and Arcobacter
Julia W. Pridgeon, Phillip H. Klesius, Irene Wesley, and Carlos Abeyta

30. Campylobacter
Janet E. L. Corry and J. Eric Line

31. Bacillus cereus and Bacillus cereus Toxins
Regild W. Bennett, Sandra M. Tallent, and Jennifer M. Hait

32. Clostridium botulinum and Its Toxins
Susan E. Maslanka, Haim M. Solomon, Shashi Sharma, and Eric A. Johnson

33. Clostridium perfringens
Rold G. Labbe

34. Pathogenic Escherichia coli
Jianghong Meng, Pi M. Fratamico, and Peter Feng

35. Listeria
Elliot T. Ryser and Catherine W. Donnelly

36. Salmonella
Nelson A. Cox, Jothan G. Frye, Wendy McMahon, Charlene R. Jackson, Jason Richardson, Douglas E. Cosby, Geoff Mead, and Michael P. Doyle

37. Shigella
Keith A. Lampel and Guodong Zhang

38. Cronobacter Species
Ben D. Tall, Augusto A. Franco, Karen G. Jarvis, Christopher J. Grim, Dennis J. Kopecko, Lan Hu, Mahendra H. Kothary, Gopal Gopith, Venugopal Sathyamoorthy, Laurenda Carter, Sherill K. Curtis, and Lawrence Restaino

39. Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcal Enterotoxins
Regild W. Bennett, Jennifer M. Hait, and Sandra M. Tallent

40. Vibrio
Angelo DePaola and Jessica L. Jones

41. Yersinia
Erdogan Ceylan

42. Waterborne and Foodborne Parasites
Rold Fayer and Lihua Xiao

43. Toxigenic Fungi and Fungal Toxins
Hassan Gourama, Lloyd B. Bullerman, and Andréia Bianchini

44. Foodborne Viruses
Gary P. Richards, Dean O. Cliver, and Gail E. Greening

IV. Food Commodities

45. Meat and Poultry Products
R. Bruce Tompkin, Peter J. Taormi, Ann Marie Mcmara, and Gary R. Acuff

46. Eggs and Egg Products
Steven C. Ricke, Dea R. Jones, and Richard K. Gast

47. Milk and Milk Products
Robert L. Bradley, Kristin Houck, and Marianne Smukowski

48. Fish, Crustaceans, and Precooked Seafood
Rold A. Benner, Susan McCarthy, and Ranzell Nickelson

49. Molluscan Shellfish: Oysters, Mussels, and Clams
Kevin R. Calci, Angelo DePaola, and William Burkhardt

50. Fruits and Vegetables
Michelle D. Danyluk, Marianne K. Fatica, Pardeepinder K. Brar, Rachel McEgan, Angela M. Valadez, Keith R. Schneider, and Valenti Trinetta

51. Fermented and Acidified Vegetables
Ilenys M. Pérez-Díaz, Fred Breidt, Rold W. Buescher, Francisco N. Arroyo-López, Rufino Jiménez-Díaz, Antonio Garrido-Fernández, Joaquín Bautista-Gallego, Sung-Sik Yoon, and Suzanne D. Johanningsmeier

52. Gums and Spices
Melinda M. Hayman, Joan M. Pinkas, and Rodney J. H. Gray

53. Salad Dressings
Vidya Anth, Michael C. Cirigliano, and Rebecca Illsley

54. tural Sweeteners and Starches
Melinda M. Hayman and Glenn Black

55. Cereal and Cereal Products
Scott K. Hood and Mark Moorman

56. Confectionery Products
Les Smoot and David Clifford

57. Nut Meats
Linda J. Harris, Ann Rogers Bontempo, Thomas Jones, and Aaron Uesugi

58. Juices and Juice-Containing Beverages
Mickey E. Parish, Randy W. Worobo, and Michelle D. Danyluk

59. Ready-to-Drink Beverages
Kathleen A. Lawlor and Sean J. Leighton

60. Bottled Water
Lauren Posnick Robin and Peter Feng

61. Canned Foods—Tests for Commercial Sterility
Philip H. Elliott and Ai Kataoka

62. Canned Foods—Tests for Cause of Spoilage
Ni G. Parkinson and Karin Francis

63. Pet Food
Indauê Ieda Giriboni de Mello, Emilia Rico-Munoz, and Robin M. Kalinowski

64. Beer and Wine
Michael S. Ramsey and David A. Mills

V. Reference

65. Investigation of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
Roberta M. Hammond, David Melka, and Bradley Tompkins

66. Microbial Food Safety Risk Assessment
Ben A. Smith, Ainsley M. Otten, Aamir Fazil, Greg Paoli, and An M. Lammerding

VI. Appendix

67. Microbiological Media, Reagents, and Stains
T. Matthew Taylor and Keila L. Pérez

68. Measurement of Water Activity, Acidity, and Brix
Anthony J. Fonta


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